Hi and welcome to my website. I specialize in helping people, of all ages, learn techniques and tools so they can feel calm, relaxed and successful. I hope this website will educate, encourage and inspire you to dream big, find your joy and reach your goals.



I often work with people who have anxiety, fears, worries or phobias. I have successfully helped people with diagnosis such as Generalized Anxiety Disorder, OCD, Panic Attacks, excessive worry, and Specific Fears and Phobias and any other form that anxiety, stress, or worry can take. Almost every person I have work with has had the same questions "I there really a way to feel calm and relaxed?". My response is consistent with what I have seen through working with many people and that answer is "Yes there is and you can start feeling better today!".

I have a variety of techniques and tools that I teach people so that they can fight and conquer the "worry voice". I cannot always predict exactly what techniques will be most effective for each person but I can keep teaching them until we find the correct combination. To see the changes that can occur when someone goes from feeling that the worry is in charge to know that they can control it is absolutely amazing. Life beings to take a new form as old goals suddenly get achieve and new goals are established. I feel truly honored to be able to help people regain their lives and their sense of joy in living.

So if worry, anxiety or fears are limiting your life please contact me today so you can get started on your road to the calm, relaxed and joyful life you deserve.




My other passion is helping parents raise happy and healthy children. As the mom of 3 children I know first hand that parenting is a very challenging role. I also believe parenting can be the greatest growth opportunity that many of us get. Children have an uncanny ability to find our weak spots, our sensitive spots and make us face them. Although this can be frustrating it can also force us to grow, to change, to evolve.

Many of the books I read about enlightenment or higher consciousness talked about hours spent in meditation and I always wondered how you were suppose to do that with children. I know many parents who barely have time to use the restroom alone much less get hours to meditate. But as you look at the principles that are involved in enlightenment or higher levels of consciousness and they talk about things like living in the moment, finding joy in the minute details of life, letting love and compassion be the predominant feelings and then I realized children are the best teachers. My children are VERY good at living in the moment. I feel I spend most of my day trying to teach them to think about consequences and outside of this exact moment. Children are able to find joy in the little things. And as our children push our buttons they can teach us of the unresolved issues we have the keep us from having love and compassion and joy in every minute. If we as parents can learn from our children we can grow as individuals and as we grow we can allow our children to develop as they need to.
I believe in proper discipline. In fact most parents I work with we talk about discipline. However my view of discipline is about teaching children what we want them to do and setting up events in their lives so they can be successful. Obviously it is important to follow through when we set up consequences but I see too many parents spending so much time giving consequences that parenting is not fun and children are not responding. There is a better way I have developed a variety of individual and group programs to help parents be the parents they want to be, which then allows them to enjoy their children as they watch them grow.


Wendy Koebel
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